Silver Wall Painting Lamp IR Camera For Markd Decks

Product Information

Scanning Distance: About 2M

Scanning Area: About 10Cm

Transmitter: 2M

Battery Life: All The Time

Application: Poker Games

Usage: To See Infrared Ink Cards


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People will use murals to decorate their homes and shops to give people a visual enjoyment, as do many poker clubs and private casinos. And a person who has a desire for something, he will think of many ways to achieve his goal. Therefore, we produce Mural Light High Efficiency Invisible Marking Playing Card Camera for Casino Games.

This wall mural lamp is in silver color, if you want, we can make it for you in gold and any other color you need. In order to ensure that the infrared camera inside can read the luminous markings through it, we used some special materials to produce this wall mural light. From the appearance point of view, there is no difference from ordinary mural lamps. Please use it with confidence.

Where is this Mural Light Juicing Signage Infrared Camera suitable for? It is designed for the big tables of poker clubs and some private casinos. And since the infrared camera in the mural light isn’t rotatable, it’s for a poker table.

If nothing goes wrong with this wall mural light infrared camera, it will last for many years. You just need to check it regularly. There are two ways to support its work, one is to use power like other lights, and the other is to use batteries.

You don’t need to carry any cheating equipment with you. Sounds good, right? The facts speak for themselves. try it!

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