T-shirt High Speed Poker Cheating Scanning Camera

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The New T-Shirt Poker Scanner Camera, Which Works In High Speed And Accuracy, Makes The Poker Cheating Through Poker Analyzer Much More Easier And Safer.


Camera: 1

Scanning Distance: About 30-60Cm

Scanning Width: About 30Cm

Detected Marks: Invisible Barcode



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Do you find it incredible that a T-shirt is a cheat for playing poker? Don’t be surprised. In today’s technologically advanced society, anything is possible.

The T-Shirt High Speed Poker Cheat Camera is a deceptive scanning lens that can help you win at poker. If you’ve ever read about poker analyzers, you’ve realized just how important a good poker scanner is.

The T-shirt poker cheating camera with high scanning speed is popular among poker players for its practicality and high concealment.

When we approach the table wearing a T-shirt with a poker cheating camera, the scanner camera scans the playing cards with invisible barcodes and transmits the data to the poker analyzer. The scanning distance of the T-shirt poker cheating lens is 30-60cm.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about being discovered by others, because the scanning camera is installed in the clothes that are more common in our daily life, and it is not easy to be noticed by others. In casinos, poker players often mention that safety means more winnings. Our tee speed poker cheating camera functions just like real regular clothing. It is removable. So it’s really easy for you to use. You can wash your t-shirts as usual, the only thing you need to do is remove the poker scanner camera.

The T-shirt high speed poker cheating camera is sold by us together with the corresponding power bank. They are combinations. When in use, it needs to be connected to the corresponding mobile power supply. Also, you can buy multiple power banks for that scanner lens.

T-shirt high-speed poker cheating camera is fast, stable, high-definition, and accurate. With its help, you can make correct bets while playing poker games. So picking one is a good choice for you. Do not hesitate. Just place an order with us. We promise that the products you get from us are guaranteed in high quality, and you can receive your goods as soon as possible.

Product Details

Brand new t-shirt poker scanner camera that works fast and with high precision, making poker cheating through poker analyzers easier and safer.


Camera: 1

Scanning distance: about 30-60cm

Scanning width: about 30cm

Marks Detected: Invisible Barcodes

Tee Speed Poker Cheat Camera

T-shirt high speed poker scanner camera

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