Video Poker Analyzer CVK500

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1. 1 Remote Controller

2. 2 Batteries Or 3 Batteries

3. 1 Charger

Application: Poker Games

Brand: CVK


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CVK500 Poker Analyzer is the latest CVK series poker analyzer poker scanning system in the world. It is a great device for many poker games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha or Blackjack etc.
The difference is that the CVK500 can be equipped with a single-lens or dual-scanning camera inside for scanning invisible ink secret marking cards. Due to the use of a special camera, the scanning distance can reach 22-48cm, and the scanning width can reach about 35cm. If you don’t want to use its built-in camera, it can be used with other camera lenses, such as a car key scanning camera or a lighter scanner lens.
The CVK frequency of the all-in-one CVK500 poker analyzer can be converted to a multi-frequency option. You can change the frequency with the help of the remote control, and don’t worry about the operation being so subtle that no one will find out the tricks of the real mobile phone CVK500 poker analyzer. Another special feature is that it can be used with ordinary headphones, Bluetooth one-to-one headphones or the CVK500 poker analyzer that comes with the headphones. Also, if you don’t want to receive the results through the spy-marked card headset, you can change the way poker results are reported to time mode or image via the remote.
Cooperate with the invisible ink barcode label set and CVK500 poker analyzer to maximize your winning rate.

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