CVK 600 Poker Cheating Analyzer for Texas Holdem

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The New CVK Poker Analyzer Device CVK 600 With Best Price Is Launched.

Price: Contact Us For Price

Brand: CVK

Original Phone: Iphone 8 Plus

Cards System: Barcode Marked Cards Cheating System

Battery Time: 5-10 Hours



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As more and more people around the world enjoy playing poker, more related poker cheats have emerged. And the CVK 600 is a very effective tool that can help you win at poker games. It was one of the first poker analyzers to feature a local scanning camera to scan the signs.

The CVK 600 Poker Cheat Analyzer has some improvements over other analyzers that have been released before.

Unlike previous versions that look similar to Samsung phones, the CVK 600 Poker Analyzer is a poker analyzer for the iPhone. Also, it has a wider scanning range.

Moreover, CVK 600 has created two original sound transmission functions, that is, the announcement can not only be transmitted through the traditional earpiece, but also can be transmitted through the one-to-one digital earpiece.

What’s more, the biggest highlight of CVK 600 Texas Hold’em Cheat Analyzer is that it can work with a variety of poker scanner cameras, such as power bank poker scanners, chip tray barcode reader cameras, and more.

Maybe you’re interested in how it works in the game of Texas Hold’em?

1. Turn on the analyzer and place it in a reasonable place;

2. Put the battery into the earphone and connect it to the analyzer;

3. Enter the password to enter the scanning system, and select the game as Texas Hold’em.

4. Set the number of poker players (you can also modify the number of players through the remote control) and the way to display the poker results (first, first or second or other).

5. Select the voice model as “Handset” and the camera model as “Local Camera”.

When these basic functions are addressed, the CVK 600 Poker Cheat Analyzer can predict outcomes with 100% accuracy.

One thing worth your attention is that you can increase or decrease the number of players by pressing the remote’s buttons.

All in all, the CVK 600 Poker Cheat Analyzer is very convenient for you to use. With its help, your chances of winning will increase significantly. If you want to know more, you can contact us by phone or WhatsApp.

Product Details

Introducing the new CVK poker analyzer CVK 600 at the best price.

Price: Contact us for price

Brand: CVK

Original phone: Iphone 8 plus

Card System: Card Fraud System with Barcode Marking

Battery life: 5-10 hours


CVK-600-Poker Cheating Analyzer

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