White And Red UV Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards Contact Lenses

Product Information

Material: HEMA, Polymacon

Life Span: More Than One Year

Package: 2Pcs/Box

Water Content: 100%

Application: Poker Games

Size: Customized


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Now many customers worry that wearing this kind of UV invisible ink contact lenses will be discovered by others when they see the invisible ink stains. Therefore, many customers are eager to find clear UV contact lenses. So do such clear UV contact lenses really exist?

Here I can tell you clearly that such transparent contact lenses do not exist. If there is no such worry as ultraviolet rays, it is impossible to have a see-through effect. However, our UV contact lenses will not change the color of your eyes. Many users don’t need to worry about colors being seen by others. When you wear UV see-through contact lenses, your colored eyeballs stay where the color of the contact lens is. Invisible ink, on the marked card, UV see-through contact lenses are clear at a glance.

So you need to watch out whoever says they have clear UV contact lenses is a liar.

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