Casino Cheating Device Daylight LED Lamp With Infrared Camera

Product Information

Scanning Distance: About 5M

Scanning Area: About 10Cm

Transmitter: 2M

Battery Life: All The Time

Application: Poker Games

Usage: To See Infrared Ink Cards


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IR lens is also called infrared lens. It uses special optical glass material and adopts the latest optical design method to eliminate the focal plane shift of visible light and infrared light, allowing you to see the infrared spectrum invisible to human eyes.

IR dark-marked playing cards are processed using the principle of infrared spectroscopy, which we call infrared ink dark-marked playing cards. The markings covered on the back of the playing cards are invisible to infrared contact lenses, let alone the naked eye. Cards marked with invisible infrared ink will only work with infrared poker trick cameras.

This fixed fluorescent lamp thermal imaging camera is no different from ordinary fluorescent lamps in appearance. Stationary refers to the IR camera, not the lamp. But we also have rotating infrared cameras. An infrared camera is hidden inside a daylight LED light. You just need to find the right spot to place the lights. This LED fluorescent lamp stabilized infrared camera has a scanning distance of about 5 meters. So before you place your order, you better measure the distance between your poker table and the LED light you want to hide your infrared cheating poker camera from.

If you have any questions about infrared cameras, please feel free to contact us. You are warmly welcome to visit our company to watch a live demo.

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