Invisible Ink And Glasses To Read The Ink

Product Information

Size: Regular

Style: Simple And Fashionable

Material: 100% Plastic And Original Poker,Made By PVC

Application: Poker Games

Life Span: More Than One Year

Application: Reading Invisible Ink Markings &Amp; Magical Shows


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The latest gold-rimmed glasses and infrared filters are the only devices on the market to mark playing card tricks. Stylish sunglasses with the ability to read the hidden back secret invisible glow-in-the-dark ink. It’s actually cheating with marked playing card sunglasses, which are glasses that read invisible ink or glasses that can see through playing cards.

The new-look poker glasses look like regular glasses, raising suspicions that the sunglasses are a ruse to hide the infrared filter. Plus, you can wear them outside to protect from sun damage. What’s more, it cannot be detected by other poker players. If you wear your glasses and can see the glowing juice marks on the back of your playing cards, but no one else can see the invisible ink marks on the back of your playing cards, that’s safe. Plus, you can wear glow-in-the-dark ink glasses to detect other poker players using their markers during poker games.

Playing Cards with Glasses Markers is a glow in the dark ink card reader kit for seeing invisible infrared ink playing cards. Put on glasses that see marked cards with invisible ink, and you can master the game of poker.

Why not opt for an invisible ink pen with glasses? Whether you use contact ink glasses poker made with card marking ink or a glow in the dark ink kit for marking cards, glasses with invisible ink and reading ink can be helpful.

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