Magnet Earpiece For Receiving Poker Results

Product Information

Size: 5 Mm*7 Mm

Application: Audio Receiver

Color: Silver

Material: Plastic

Teaching Mode: Video Instruction, Use Manual

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


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When I first heard about magnetic earphones, I was amazed. Maybe you feel that way. Let me introduce you this plain magnet playing card magnet dice.
This magnetic card sub-card headset is an ordinary poker headset without batteries, which is suitable for all kinds of poker analyzer equipment. It’s the only poker headset on the market that doesn’t have a battery. The marked poker magnetic headset does not require a signal receiver, and the receiving distance with the online poker analyzer device can be up to 1 meter. Compared with other card earphones with one-to-one frequency marking, magnet earphones do not have Bluetooth connection function. Also, the Magnetic Mini Headphones and Poker Analyzer cannot be tuned.

The magnet marker card headset is a 2mm magnet. With the mini size, no poker player will notice the magic you’re doing in your poker magnet headset if you’re playing poker with it on.

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